Goodbye (feat. Alexandra Badoi) testo – Andrew Rayel

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Goodbye (feat. Alexandra Badoi) è una canzone di Andrew Rayel contenuta in 3 dei suoi album usciti fra il 2014 e il 2015, "Goodbye (feat. Alexandra Badoi) - Single", "Find Your Harmony"e "Find Your Harmony (Deluxe Edition)". Leggi qui il testo di Goodbye (feat. Alexandra Badoi) e scopri il significato del brano!

Andrew Rayel – Goodbye (feat. Alexandra Badoi) Testo


Open your doors,
'Ready your angels
Maybe she falls…
Give her two wings,
Teach her to fly,
No fear and no tears,
She’ll say just goodbye…

Without your love
All is a lie,
There’s cold and pain inside,
You fade that shining light…
Please stop her,
Before she says goodbye…

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