I Found You testo – Armin van Buuren

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Scopri il significato di I Found You di Armin van Buuren! Leggi il testo di questa canzone inclusa in 6 album di Armin van Buuren, fra cui "A State of Trance 2005", "A State of Trance 500 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate & Andy Moor)"e "A State of Trance Classics, Vol. 8 (The Full Unmixed Versions)"

Armin van Buuren – I Found You Testo

(feat. Interstate)

Never let you go..

Thought I lost you, in the darkness, of a lonely night
Then I found you, in my arms and, holding me so tight
When I'm with you, and I kiss you, I can feel your heart
Don't you know that, I'm the one to, keep you safe and warm..

Never let you go..

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