See the Sky (feat. HALIENE) testo – Breathe Carolina

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See the Sky (feat. HALIENE) è una canzone dei Breathe Carolina contenuta nei loro album "Sleepless - EP" e "See the Sky (feat. HALIENE) - Single" usciti entrambi nel 2016. Leggi qui il testo di See the Sky (feat. HALIENE) e scopri il significato del brano!

Breathe Carolina – See the Sky (feat. HALIENE) Testo

Woke up on the battle field
So the shield heavy in my hand
And stole all my reckless dreams again, oh

But still I can hear that sound
Calling out in the darkest night
And now, I know somehow
I never lose the light

'Cause when you knocked me down
You forgot to blind me
When I hit the ground
I can see, I can see the sky
I can see the sky
I can see the sky

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