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Leggi il testo di Broken Bones (Bonus Track) dei CHVRCHES e guarda il videoclip ufficiale di Broken Bones (Bonus Track). Il brano è contenuto in "The Bones of What You Believe", album che i CHVRCHES hanno pubblicato nel 2013.

CHVRCHES – Broken Bones (Bonus Track) Testo

Catch them and kill them
You're only hope is evil
I will not die, I will keep quiet
I will hold you high above

You're on your own
Wait till dawn and then go

No help here from heaven
You're not as real as I am
I will wake up the dark eyes
Until your blood is out

You're on your own
I'm lying in here
Inside your sleep
Keep yourself
Awake for this
Wait till dawn and then go

Our love will never die
Broken bones and promises
Your weakness is clear now
I see your kind eyes

You're on your own
Wait till dawn and then go

You are another one
Buried here by no one
I will keep you inside with your soul alive
You're on your own
Keep your head beneath your hands
Play your part
All on your own
Closed and bruised
You're on your own

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