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Night Sky è una canzone dei CHVRCHES contenuta nel loro album "The Bones of What You Believe" uscito nel 2013. Leggi qui il testo di Night Sky e scopri il significato del brano!

CHVRCHES – Night Sky Testo

I will carry you and give you life
I will cover you and show you the way
It's a sequence that you never learned
It's a lesson I will never forget

I can hear you in the overtones
Just an echo of the promise we made
Change the future, we can travel time
Or make us blind so we can never look back

We can never look back

I'm the night-sky
I'm the fire in your eyes
And I want you
Now and for all time
I'm the cold heart
I'm the secret that you hide
I'll be listening until you decide

[Verse 2:]
I communicate in simple strings (take your time)
I'm the only one who gave you the truth (speak to me)
Once you leave me you were really gone (far and near)
Give me something to remember you by (always be)
All that's here is what you left behind (majesty)
Slowly moving in the back of my mind (can't forget)
Take a moment to remember me (and our ways)
Make me blind so I don't ever look back

Only in your name
I will ne'er be free

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