U.F.O. testo – Coldplay

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Leggi il testo di U.F.O. dei Coldplay e guarda il videoclip ufficiale di U.F.O.. Il brano è contenuto in "3" album dal 2011 al 2014, ovvero, "Mylo Xyloto", "Ghost Stories"e "A Sky Full of Stars - EP"

Coldplay – U.F.O. Testo

Lord I don't know which way I am going
Which way river gonna flow
It's just seems that upstream, I keep rowing
Still got such a long way to go
Still got such a long way to go

Then that light, it's your eye
I move, I swim,
And found somewhere the streets are made of gold
But it's fly, split the skies
But that's all right, sometimes, somewhere I'm streaming to the holes

Oooohhh ooooohh
Oooohhh ooooohh
Oooohhh ooooohh

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