Come Home testo – Fatboy Slim

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Fatboy Slim – Come Home Testo

Yesterday my radio came alive,
All those songs seemed to be written about my life.
Hearing "Ain't No Sunshine" makes me cry,
"The Whole Worlds Down On Me" &
"For The Good Times".

Come home and put the string back in my bow.
Come home for I have seeds I want to sow.

Forgive me that this song is not sung by me,
But my friend is more equipped to make this last
As minutes turn to hours & hours to days,
Desperate times command the cries. My heart says...

I swore I'd never write a song for you,
But look at all the useless things that I now do.
Here this house is empty but for blues,
And the
bathroom's full of shampoos that I don't

Ain't no sunshine when you're gone,
It's not warm when you're away.
Ain't no sunshine when you're gone,
And this house just ain't a home,
All the time that you're away.

Come home, I'll never hurt you again,
I'll be your lifelong friend.
(This may sound corny but it's true)
Come home

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