Get In Touch testo – Fatboy Slim

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Fatboy Slim – Get In Touch Testo

I see prople piling up on people,
I see brothers ripping of their friends,
I see lovers cheating on their lovers,
the story never ends...

I hear babies making it with babies,
I hear buddies lying to their friends,
Politicians lie for politicians,
This party never ends...

People help me sing my song,
"Better days" is going wrong,
Everybody get in touch with me.
Put it back to where we belong,
Push the weak to make the stronng,
Everybody get in touch with me.

I see people piling up on people,
I see junnkies taking from their friends,
I see fingers pointing at the fingers,
The story never ends...

We got misters beating up on sisters,
We got crazies waiting for the end,
We got answers giving out the answers,
This party never ends...

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