De-Punked (Punk) testo – Gorillaz

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Leggi il testo di De-Punked (Punk) di Gorillaz e guarda il videoclip ufficiale di De-Punked (Punk). Il brano è contenuto in "Laika Come Home", album che Gorillaz ha pubblicato nel 2014.

Gorillaz – De-Punked (Punk) Testo

Bound to myself and goes home
Making of herself a number
Always tell her before I start up
Do now what I tell you SHUT UP!

Bound to the chair
Do me what you can
Bound to a door
Get down on the floor
Find out how we`ll do with the loop
Till everybody says SHUT UP!

Telling to miguel I love her
Try and see what happens GET UP!
Everybody says I should up
Last time I told them right off

Playing with the sun
I knew what I was doing
Did it to myself
Did it to myself
I let HORROR to myself of doing
Cos`everybody tell me SHUT UP!

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