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Scopri il significato di Colors (feat. Andreas Moe) di Hardwell! Leggi il testo di questa canzone inclusa negli album "United We Are (Remixed)" e "United We Are", pubblicati entrambi nel 2015 da Hardwell

Hardwell – Colors (feat. Andreas Moe) Testo

Purple skies, vivid dreams
When you breathe next to me
Now your heart's in the goal
There's mystery that I wanna know

No more hurt here to feel
In the dark, we can glow
Past the night, there's a field
Where the rainbow's always shining down
Now we just gotta let em know, yeah
Yeah, we just gotta let em know, let it show
Now we just gotta let em know
Cause time waits for no one

So bring out your colours
Bring out your colours and make it bright
Turn up your colours
We gotta let em know, let em know, let em know

Kaleidoscopes will appear
As we crash into love
Flashing lights as we ride
Leaving everything we left behind

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