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Leggi il testo di Call Me Wise di Kaskade e guarda il videoclip ufficiale di Call Me Wise. Il brano è contenuto in "It's You, It's Me (Deluxe Edition)" e "It's You, It's Me", album che Kaskade ha pubblicato nel 2013 e nel 2003.

Kaskade – Call Me Wise Testo

Wouldn?t call me wise sometimes
I think I got what you need
Good supply of love to free your mind
So what I gotta do to make you see
I just have to tell you again tonight babe
That I ain?t tied on to no one else
Girl I know you?re used to holding it all inside
But tonight I?m begging don?t you keep it to yourself
Don?t keep your loving to yourself
I don?t want nobody else
You shouldn?t keep it to yourself
I ain?t never seen the one before
Makes me wanna change my wicked ways
We can stand round here and I can tell you more
I can?t wait even one more day
Now it all comes back to you
And back to you and no one else
Realize that inside you know it?s true
Realize that you can?t keep it to yourself
You can?t keep it to yourself
Come back to you and no one else
You shouldn?t keep it to yourself

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