Distance testo – Kaskade

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Distance è una canzone di Kaskade contenuta nel suo album "Love Mysterious" uscito nel 2006. Leggi qui il testo di Distance e scopri il significato del brano!

Kaskade – Distance Testo

I?ve had enough of this long distance
So I?m driving down to see you for the day
Stay awhile? see your smile
And when it?s time to go
You give me a kiss before I get away

In spite of the obvious
The distance of the cry
We want to get on with us
But it?s only by and by
That we discern the me from we
Giving only selflessly

So I?ve had the time to think about things driving
But I?m not sure just how clear my thoughts have been
Distance makes my thinking more erratic than the norm
Missing you knows nowhere... just when

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