Move testo – Kaskade

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Leggi il testo di Move di Kaskade e guarda il videoclip ufficiale di Move. Il brano è contenuto in "Here and Now" e "In the Moment", album che Kaskade ha pubblicato nel 2006 e nel 2004.

Kaskade – Move Testo

Trust me, really believe
That I can care for all your needs
Close your eyes, you will see
It's all about you and me

Let's do it
It's all right
The feeling is everything
It's precious
So delicate

Move your thing
I just want to see you dance and touch your body
It's interesting how you make it come alive
When you be doing it.

Have you ever found free
And was it everything you dreamed
Let me tell you all that I have seen
And show you all the lovely things

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