Never Ending testo – Kaskade

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Never Ending è una canzone di Kaskade contenuta nei suoi album "For the DJ's (Extended Edits) - EP" e "Love Mysterious" usciti rispettivamente nel 2007 e nel 2006. Leggi qui il testo di Never Ending e scopri il significato del brano!

Kaskade – Never Ending Testo

Oh I can never replace my love for you
Oh I will never forget you see me through

Over thoughts of giving in
Never wanted this to end
It won?t last as memories stay
Cause it will never fade away

It?s been weighing on my mind
Knowing this was quite a find
I won?t let this feeling pass away
Reminded of this everyday
You?re everywhere
You?re here
You?re all around me
I can feel you touch me
Raise my voice to the sky above
Cries of love

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