Sometimes testo – Kaskade

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Scopri il significato di Sometimes di Kaskade! Leggi il testo di questa canzone inclusa negli album "Sometimes - EP" e "Love Mysterious", pubblicati rispettivamente nel 2007 e nel 2006 da Kaskade

Kaskade – Sometimes Testo

Sometimes you can hide away
Through the storms and ugly weather
Sometimes you will be the one
Who needs to hold it together
Sometimes you won?t find the words
Sometimes you won?t understand
Sometimes it will be enough
To simply hold a hand

Sometime you get away
This time is true

Sometimes you can run away
As long as you are running to me
Sometimes you will hide the pain
But your eyes, they tell the story
Sometimes you will be afraid
But you?ve got me hear beside you
I will always be a friend
I will always be with you

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