Sweet Love testo – Kaskade

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Sweet Love è una canzone di Kaskade contenuta in 5 dei suoi album, fra cui "In the Moment", "Sweet Love (Bonus Tracks) - EP"e "Here and Now". Leggi qui il testo di Sweet Love e scopri il significato del brano!

Kaskade – Sweet Love Testo

I know we have rainy days
It's only scary if it gets down to you
Hear now what I say, there's one way...
Feel the rhythm, have a taste of some
Sweet, sweet love.

Boy, you know it's right
To make it takes a whole lot of paradise.
Yeah you see it now
It's funny how we change when our lives get a taste of the
Sweet, sweet love.

There are some things I can do without
Some things I just don't need
Too much in life gets cluttered
I like the feel of simplicity and
Sweet, sweet love

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