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Scopri il significato di Wasted on You (feat. ROZES) di Louis Futon! Leggi il testo di questa canzone che fa parte del disco "Wasted on You (feat. ROZES) - Single" pubblicato nel 2016 da Louis Futon

Louis Futon – Wasted on You (feat. ROZES) Testo

Do you only love me when you're high?
Will you still want me when you're not?
I've got this poison running deep in my mind
‘Cause I think that I'm the only one
But maybe you just know what I want
I've got this feeling you've got something to hide, to hide

I'm wasted on you I know you think it's alright
When you and I are catching on fire
We keep it going just like we always do, we do
Maybe it's just the way that we are
Maybe we'll just ruin ourselves
My crazy's your crazy but it's all with you, with you

I'm wasted on you I'm wasted on you, on you
I'm wasted
I'm wasted on you, on you

I'm wasted on you

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