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Leggi il testo di Love's Gone Bad di Michael Jackson e guarda il videoclip ufficiale di Love's Gone Bad. Il brano è contenuto in "3" album dal 1986 al 2009, ovvero, "Looking Back To Yesterday", "Motown Anthology Series: The Best of Michael Jackson"e "Hello World: The Motown Solo Collection"

Michael Jackson – Love's Gone Bad Testo

Ah I feel a fountain in my brain
Ice-cold water runnin' through my pain
Got a bad taste in my mouth from bitter tears
Heart so sad 'cause love's gone bad

I see a rainbow all in black
Must be a sign that you ain't comin' back
Wake up at night callin' your name
I see a face on my window pane
I've been this way since you've been gone
Without your love I can't go on
Look in the mirror, what do I see?
A cryin' face, kinda looks like me
Now where's the love you promised me?
Where's he tenderness to comfort me?

Everytime some love I choose
I seem to always be the one to lose
Bad taste in my mouth from bitter tears
Heart fells sad 'cause love's gone bad
Love's gone bad, heart fells bad

Black crows flying up above
It's a sign that I live life without love
Slime's on the man, slime's ont the sea
Slime's everywhere I said I'm destined to be
And this world where nothing's right
Since you've been gone I can't sleep at night
You said you'd be true to me
Instead you made a fool out of me
Heart feels sad, love's gone bad

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