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Leggi il testo di Freak No More dei Migos e guarda il videoclip ufficiale di Freak No More. Il brano è contenuto in "No Label II", album che i Migos hanno pubblicato nel 2014.

Migos – Freak No More Testo

[Intro: Quavo]
Young rich nigga, Migo!
(Honorable C Note)
Young rich nigga, Quavo!

[Verse 1: Quavo]
She's a stripper naked dancer but she's begging me to wife her, (No!)
When the first time I met lil' mama she was a one-nighter, (One night!)
Hell nah, I don't love nun' but my money and my rifle, (Money, Glahh!)
At the top like Eiffel Tower, I told her to beat it
You would have thought she was Michael! (Go!)

She don't wanna be a freak no more, (Freak!)
She don't wanna take molly, get geeked no more, (Geek!)
She don't even wanna strip no more
She don't wanna see the pole
Cause young nigga walking straight in with the gold
I apologize, you know that my niggas they witnessed you naked, (Naked!)
You want me to tie the knot?
Oh no no no, she must be crazy! (Crazy!)

[Hook: Quavo]
I know she's a freak
I know that she freakin'
I know she's a freak
Super freak
So please do not try to run game on me
I'm not a Playstation
Please do not try to run game on me
I'm not a 360

Then she told me, (Ugh!)
She don't wanna be a freak no more
She don't wanna be a freak no more, (No more!)
She don't wanna be a freak no more
Don't wanna be freakin', no

She don't wanna be a freak no more
She don't wanna be a freak no more
Don't wanna be freakin'
Don't wanna be freak no more

[Verse 2: Offset]
She was 16 when she had a baby, (16!)
Her baby daddy kept on driving her crazy
She wondering how she gon' take care the baby
She working at Folly walking around naked!
She telling me she wanna tie up the knot, (Huh?!?)
I fuck her then kick her right out of the spot, (Get out!)
I don't know what the fuck up with these strippers
They don't have a house and don't have a vehicle! (You broke!)

These bitches ain't shit I forgot to mention, (Huh?)
You cuffing that ho, who you think you tricking?
Sneaking and geeking, I see your eyes, (Geekin'!)
She's fucking for money but in denial
Your daughter be seeing nigga's in and out, (Damn!)
Your kissing your daughter got dick on your mouth, (Ew!)
I know she's a freak and I don't have a doubt
She's a dirty bitch and I don't have a doubt! (Dirty!)


[Verse 3: Takeoff]
I met this bitch, said her name Kimberly
I met her when I had a show out in Beverly
Said, "What you doing out here in L.A.?"
She on vacation but stripping in Tennessee
I got her number, asked her what she doing later
She said she would hit me on my cellular, (Cellular)
I knew she was digging my pimping
And new Christian Louboutin's forgot to mention. (Red bottoms!)

I brought that bitch in my facility
Told her, "My favorite room in here's the kitchen, (In the kitchen)
After I whip all these chickens
I watch you get naked and wash all these dishes", (Wash all these dishes, bitch!)
She licked me, she fucked me, she sucked me
Then tried to give me a kid, but she's tripping, (Huh?)
She wanna hit my muddy trouble double
Told that bitch, "Pour your own muddy trouble"
I shouldn't have fucked her, now she's in her feelings, (What?)
Shawty broke down and start telling her business
I said to lil' mama, "You tripping
I don't give a fuck what you did, cause business is business." (Business is business!)

So now we sitting in my condo, (Top floor!)
I don't even know what to say no more
She's telling me, telling me she don't wanna be a freak no more, but...


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