Trouble testo – Pearl Jam

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Pearl Jam – Trouble Testo

Trouble, oh trouble set me free,

I have seen your face and its to much for today

Trouble, oh trouble cant you see

Eating my heart away, and theres nothing much left of me

I drunk your wine

You have made your world mine

So wont you be fair

Oh wont you be fair

I dont no more of you

So wont you be kind to me

And let me go there

I have to go there

Trouble oh trouble move away,

I have seen your face and its to much for me today

Trouble oh trouble cant you see

You have made me a wreck now wont you leave me in my misery

Ive seen your eyes

And I have seen death disguised, oh hanging on me

Oh hanging on me

Im deep and torn

Im shattered and lost and worn

Too shocking to see

Too shocking to see

Trouble oh trouble please be kind

I dont wanna fight and I havnt got a lot of time.

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