Dear G I R L testo – Pharrell Williams

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Pharrell Williams – Dear G I R L Testo

Dear girl,

I love everything about you
I love your mind, your heart, your body
There's nothing about you I don't like
That which makes you different
Is what makes you special

I love when you're silly
I love when you smile or make a funny face
I just melt

It's beautiful to see a girl who's honest and free
You live your life with no apologies
You know exactly who you are
You don't care what anyone thinks about your life
That kind of confidence is the sexiest thing in the world
The sexiest

You know how sometimes
You catch me staring at you
Yeah, I know, I know
I just can't help it sometimes
It's because I'm trying to figure you out
You're like a book that I'm desperately, like
Trying to read

I don't care what's in it
I just want to know what it says
Your mind fascinates me
I want to learn from you
I want you to teach me everything you know

The best lessons in life came from listening to you
I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for what you taught me
I named my album after you because
You inspire me
You're always on my mind when I make music

I want you to love the music I create for you
I hope it makes you feel good
I hope it makes you dance
I hope it makes you happy

It's like I'm with you
Even though I'm not there in person
Is that weird?
I don't know, maybe
But you already know what I mean
And you know I mean no harm

I'm not like these other guys
I'm a little different
And I'm definitely trying to get you to think about me
As much as I think about you

I just want you to notice me
I have no problem admitting that
Not even Marilyn Monroe
Who? Cleopatra? Please
Not even Joan Of Arc
That don't mean nothing to me
I just want a different girl
And that's you



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