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Gust of Wind è una canzone di Pharrell Williams contenuta nel suo album "G I R L" uscito nel 2014. Leggi qui il testo di Gust of Wind e scopri il significato del brano!

Pharrell Williams – Gust of Wind Testo

"Gust of Wind Lyrics"

[Verse 1]
My heart is filled, with love and care
Not an ounce of gas, I would get up there
The answer's simple
You lift me up
The view up here, I see all the stars
There go Venus, and there go Mars
Somethin' you been through
You're from above

[Bridge 1]
When I first saw you, I got excited
Tried to keep my composure, tryna hide it
But I didn't know
I didn't let go
Then it occurred to me while tryna fight it
Just like a kite, you lurk to ride it
But I didn't know
You're s'posed to let it go

[Pre-Chorus: Daft Punk]
Like a gust of wind
You hit me off sometimes
Like a gust of wind
You push me back every once in a while
Like a gust of wind
You remind me there's someone up there
Who whooshes in
The air I need to power myself

[Chorus: Pharrell]
When I open the window
I wanna hug you
Cause you remind me of the air
I said yeah
Cause when I'm feelin' real low
I remember I love you
I put my hands in the air
And you were there

[Verse 2]
With your love, I can board the skies
Running away that electrifies [?]
Cannot stow away
Telephone winds of the northern sky
Is the closest thing, and here is why
Cause we're color
You blow me away

[Bridge 2]
I need you, like a breathe
Music umbrellas can make [?]
Who cares if they don't see you?
Don't you know that they're the same?
I need it like a breathe
If you never discover, forever you'll suffer
Who cares if they don't see you?
You got until then to learn the way

[Bridge 1] + [Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]

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