The Show Must Go On testo – Pink Floyd

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The Show Must Go On è una canzone dei Pink Floyd contenuta in 3 dei loro album usciti fra il 2011 e il 2013, "The Wall (Remastered)", "The Wall (Deluxe Experience Edition) [Remastered]"e "The Discovery Box Set (Remastered)". Leggi qui il testo di The Show Must Go On e scopri il significato del brano!

Pink Floyd – The Show Must Go On Testo

Ooooh Ma Ooooh Pa
Must the show go on
Ooooh Pa take me home
Ooooh Ma let me go
There must be some mistake
I didn't mean to let them
take away my soul
Am I too old is it too late
Ooooh Ma Ooooh Pa
Where has the feeling gone?
Ooooh Ma Ooooh Pa
Will I remember the songs?
The show must go on

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