Go To Sleep testo – Radiohead

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Scopri il significato di Go To Sleep dei Radiohead! Leggi il testo di questa canzone inclusa in 3 album dei Radiohead, "The Best of Radiohead (Special Edition)", "Hail to the Thief (Deluxe Version)"e "Hail to the Thief", pubblicati dal 2008 al 2016

Radiohead – Go To Sleep Testo

Something for the rag and bone man
Over my dead body
Something big is gonna happen
Over my dead body
Someone saw someone's daughter
Over my dead body
This is how I ended up sucked in
Over my dead body
I'm gonna go to sleep
And let this wash all over me
We don't really want a monster taking over
Tip toeing, tying down
We don't want the loonies takin' over
Tip toeing, tying down our arms
May pretty horses
Come to you as you sleep
I'm not gonna to sleep
And let this wash over me

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