Crackin' Up testo – The Rolling Stones

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Crackin' Up è una canzone dei Rolling Stones contenuta nei loro album "The Complete Collection 1971-2013" e "Love You Live (Remastered)" usciti rispettivamente nel 2013 e nel 2012. Leggi qui il testo di Crackin' Up e scopri il significato del brano!

The Rolling Stones – Crackin' Up Testo


You're always hollerin' bout where I've been
You're always screamin' bout the money I spend
What's wrong with you, oh yeah
You're crackin up

I caught you, woman, a long time ago
Keep your hand out of my pocket keep your foot out my
That wrong with you, oh yeah,
You're crackin up

I used to do your cookin', your laundry too
Now what more for a woman could a man like me do
I feel, oh yeah
You're bugging me

Crackin' up

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