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Leave in Silence è una canzone di Scooter contenuta nei suoi album "Age of Love (20 Years of Hardcore) [Expanded Edition]" e "The Age of Love" usciti rispettivamente nel 2013 e nel 1997. Leggi qui il testo di Leave in Silence e scopri il significato del brano!

Scooter – Leave in Silence Testo

Girl of my dreams
You don't know what it means
To live my life without you
I hope everyday
When you pass my way
To say a word to you

But everytime you look at me
I go right out of my head
And then I just turn away
And act like I don't see you

You're so far away
No reason to stay here
I leave in silence

Sometimes I think
I'll win back my confidence
And be the man I used to be

But a touch of your smile
And I feel so strange again
And lose myself in the wait and see

And everytime when you are near
And act like you don't care
I get so insecure
And then I'm not so sure

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