The Power Of Now testo – Steve Aoki

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Scopri il significato di The Power Of Now di Steve Aoki! Leggi il testo di questa canzone inclusa in 3 album di Steve Aoki, "The Power Of Now", "Neon Future Odyssey"e "The Power of Now (Crystal Lake Remix) - Single", pubblicati nel 2015

Steve Aoki – The Power Of Now Testo

A dark night
In a cold city
Hell in the air
Dreams have stopped and love is dead
Nobody goes to sleep
Because everybody's dreams were dead
Or frozen

Oh pray...
For your soul

All the people's dreams were held prisoner
It is time for the fall from grace, the fall into fire
We must get down hard into our souls
Now purge

Oh, there ain't no life nowhere
Hail the power of Bombos
Now... they can dream again
Dream again

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