Wifey testo – Tinie Tempah

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Tinie Tempah – Wifey Testo

Oi listen, u ring me often nightly at precisely nine nigga never off
u were one time like 10 o clock, but thats life b, and u are my wifey
you look right wit ur head to side blue jeans nice shoes when u getontop
like tunes from bashment to mel o rock, youre a real chick, dats y imove to u real quick
dis is da real shit.. (ugh) (yea) imma settle wit a real chick,
n e time u call ill be there quicker then dorothys heels click
look coz u made me feel shit ive never felt in ma life,
if ever i'd see my life i'd wish u'd ever be my wife coz girl wateveru'd be i like..
and i mean everything, i plan to give u many rings, look nd i dnt meanphonecalls i mean any bling
anything u want i try to make it possible, coz i've got fame and fab but without u its like ive lost it all,
ur sexy jamaican routes make u cook dat hot, and not just only dat cozur south american side brings out ur back half
and i would advise those other guys to back off, coz ull be pissed when u cant have the ? in the ? well take dem tits to the ?
ur chicks like a portion of wax off... shes rideable
but my chick's has wax neons nd tims.. she's rideable
im getting sick of makin love tunes to make love to
so im gona do dis one more tune nd send it out to the thugs too its forthe wives.

u just excite me, yea look, when dey say deres no bre like me
check i didnt belive in da one but dis female just might be
look shes like me, she likes a slice of mango in her ice cream
and dress all smart with the right jeans, so me nd her are a tight team
im feeling her and it might seem... like im in love B
but she gets moved in way shes like see him there dats ma hubby
and trust me we have many plans, so i dont care for any man
which bre can move to my chick i dont think any can
dis chick is like my night night, and u no how kano spoke about her
i like her too much to leave coz i feel like deres no hope without her
see dis chick is my baby girl and u might find us one day and sainsburys holdin a baby girl whos calling me (d-d-d-d-d)
the sunshine is among us lets leave others in the rain
i like it wen u come and close the color of ur name
but im sick of making love tunes to make love to
so im gona do dis one more tune and send out to the thugs too.. its forda wives

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