Nothing But Love (Standing In The Way) testo – Wilkinson

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Wilkinson – Nothing But Love (Standing In The Way) Testo

You'll never know how close we cameThe word goodbye was almost spokenJust one more thoughtless workAnd I was ready to leaveThen the thought of how I'd feelWaking up one day without youI closed the door and turned aroundYou wouldn't believe it if you had seen it.CHORUS:There I was...the note was even writtenSeven took all dayThere I was...I'd made my decision With nothing but love standing in the wayThis is worth the empty cabThis worth the bag unpackingIf only for the lesson learnedI'm glad to go through thisMoment of truth, yeahBRIDGENothing but the touch of your handNothing but your kiss, I knowDidn't even have to think twiceBaby, how could I go.

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