The Only Rose testo – Wilkinson

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Wilkinson – The Only Rose Testo

A little red-headed girl

Stood at the mirror

Studying her face

She didn't like her nose

And all of those freckles

She'd love to erase

Her inventory told the story

And from where she stood

There's so much she would change

Oh if she could

As she said to herself

I'd be anyone else

If it were up to me

Her mom walked in

And said with a grin

One day girl you'll see


There's a million stars

In the summer sky

And each one has it's name

There's a million snowflakes

In the wintertime

But no two are quite the same

And there's something

You can't see right now

But one day girl you'll know

In a field that's full of daisy's

You're the only rose

You can talk about clothes

Talk about make-up

That's a matter of style

And I bet Mona Lisa's mother

Heard her daughter say

She didn't like her smile

What's inside you just can't hide

'Cause beauty runs so deep

And one day you'll knock

Some young man right off his feet

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