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Dead Price (feat. Sean Price) è una canzone degli Zeds Dead contenuta nel loro album "Somewhere Else" uscito nel 2014. Leggi qui il testo di Dead Price (feat. Sean Price) e scopri il significato del brano!

Zeds Dead – Dead Price (feat. Sean Price) Testo

[Sean Price:]
Yeah, P! (Zed's Dead)
Yo, (let's go) Listen
Ayo, I don't give a fuck about, what you give a fuck about
What you give a fuck about,I don't give a fuck about
Shut your mouth, cut your spouse, special victim unit
Drive-by, fly guy, the sket will hit your buick
Never let the music, dictate the policy
Promise me you'll never rap again fam honestly
Been around the world and heard all kinds of verses
Whatever it's worth, I curse, your verse is worthless
You on a stage shirtless, exposing your taco meat
I'm on the game first shit, behold the rocker heat
I'm on beat with the soft flow standards
No beef with a Jo-Jo dancer
I'm better than whoever you know raps
Oh, you know him? Fuck it, his flows wack
I blow stacks on kicks and clothes
You so wack, you a bitch for sho. (P!)

[Music Break - Zeds Dead]

[Sean Price:]
Yo, I don't give a shit about what you give a shit about
Cause what you give a shit about, I don't give a shit about
Kick him out, dick in mouth, kick it bitch, spit it out
Have my dick soften while she's spitting in chicken broth
Imma go [?] do nigga you wack
Just some motherfucking bubba-loo-doo nigga
Generally, generally, I smack your racist face off for fucking with P
Par for par the best barbarian sean
The arm, the double leg, arm, head of the don
Head from a broad, I was the head of the class
Now you got a lot of kids, but i'm better with math
Count your blessings, count your toes
Can't feel extremities off a ounce of blow
I'm not one of them niggas that will dance in clubs
I take pills, coke, and I dance on drugs. (P!)


[Music Drop - Zeds Dead]

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