Ghost In The Machine testo – Blasterjaxx

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Scopri il significato di Ghost In The Machine dei BlasterJaxx! Leggi il testo di questa canzone inclusa negli album "Ghost in the Machine (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) - Single" e "Ghost In The Machine - Single", pubblicati entrambi nel 2015 dai BlasterJaxx

Blasterjaxx – Ghost In The Machine Testo

Memories of you still remain
Though its been forever
Guess there is no other way
To piece me back together

Been running from the light
Still goodbye
Been hiding in the darkness

Can’t be healed by time
Guess this house of mine
Forever will be haunted

I close my eyes
But dare not sleep
You made my dreams
Like a ghost in the machine

All the years go by
And we do not speak
You still fill my mind
Like a ghost in the machine
Like a ghost in the machine

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