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Scopri il significato di Up Till Dawn (On the Move) dei Lucas & Steve! Leggi il testo di questa canzone inclusa in 3 album dei Lucas & Steve, "Up Till Dawn (On the Move) - Single", "Up Till Dawn (On the Move) [Club Radio Mix] - Single"e "Up Till Dawn (On the Move) [Club Mix] - Single", pubblicati dal 2017 al 2018

Lucas & Steve – Up Till Dawn (On the Move) Testo

Up Till Dawn (On The Move)
Sometimes when love is calling
I just try to take it slow, oh
It's gone the other morning
Like those angels in the snow, oh
On our way
To the bay
Dazzled by the way the sun shines on your face. O-oh
If you say
You will stay
We could feel the love and dance the night away
Oh the night is young
We're drinking cocktails in the sun. DJ plays that song
You and I go on and on
We're just having fun
Feels so right it must be wrong. We'll be up till dawn
Sometimes without warning
I go and give someone my soul, you know
You leave and leave me longing
For that special night once more, I'm up for more
Heartbeat away
All it takes for love is
Just your, heartbeat
And we can turn this thing to something great

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