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Tinashe – How Many Times (feat. Future) Testo

[?] avec tu
Je ne joue pas [?]

[Verse 1: Tinashe]
I was thinking to myself
While I was staring at your body
Over me, that I don't need nobody else
I love your kisses when they're long
And they're deep, run your fingers through my hair
The way you touch me, I know
It's like the bigger we can do it anywhere
I make your wishes baby one, two, three

[Hook: Tinashe]
How man times can we make love in one night
(One night)
How man times can we make love in one night
How man times can we make love in one night
(Turn, up, turn up, turn up)

[Verse 2: Tinashe]
As I look in to your eyes
It's like I'm staring in another Galaxy
I don't know what's on your mind
But it's like you don't [?] at me
We're having breakfast in the bed
Know I love the way you scramble in the sheets
I'm 'bout to take it your head
I'm making wishes baby one, two, three


[Verse 3: Future]
Hit ya from the back seat
Smokin' hot pot beat
I'mma hit ya hard
I'mma put your face in the pillow
[?] like cinderella
Kiss you like till you catch a feeling round your nipple
Turn up on a nigga
(Straight Up)
Turn up, turn up, in your mouth
(Straight Up)
Bend you over on the couch
Baby get on her knees
Young [?] make you tick
Fuck you like [?] real dick
[?] bitch, lick, lick

[Hook x2]

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