It's OK (feat. Labrinth) testo – Tinie Tempah

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Tinie Tempah – It's OK (feat. Labrinth) Testo

[Hook - Labrinth]
Girl I've been unfaithful
Baby don't you say, it's ok
Did some things behind you
Baby don't you say, it's ok
Why don't you cry now?
Why don't you cry now?
Cause then I know you still feel something for me
But I truly know it's over when I hear you say, it's ok

[Verse 1]
You told me you was down for whatever
I thought you'd be around me forever
She was my New York girl with some LA ambition and a really good christian
She knocked me down like a featherweight
Tryna fuck around with a heavyweight
How the hell could you say in the middle of the night we should call it a day?
I'd rather fucking do a bit of prison time
You had the key to every single thing of mine
My house, my car, my mother fucking heart
I guess we didn't agree to the same deal
I guess that she was tired of the same spiel
And now I'm in the meat packing dialling 911
Tryna tell 'em how this pain feels
So runaway, run along, thought we were fate, but we were wrong
We were wrong, cause where men lie the women cry but she won't
I can't breathe, I won't cope
I need a drink, I wanna a smoke
Cause I'm the cigareete butt of my own jokes
Hands held high and my back against the ropes
Blood is thicker than water, we were thicker than blood
Now I'm feeling for something I can't touch
Feelin' guilty while you were up in the club
Shit I been caught so who am I to judge?
Tryna regain my composure
I guess this is the end of the road huh?
And after 25 times of hearing
"Please leave a message after the tone"
I know

[Hook - Labrinth]

[Verse 2]
You put your nail on the coffin had a finger on the trigger
She said we ever going down she taking everything with her
Took something so good and made it redder than the colour on the bottom of her slippers
And not a word from your mother
Even though I make you suffer like a suffregette
Fucking busy? I was busy fucking round another woman undercover
Like a Bryan Ferry album
So runaway, run along, from the people of the places where you belong
Just imagine the gossip in the salon
Made me feel dumb for foolin' around with a blonde
But love kills all things casually
This is something like a Shakespeare tradegy
And even though we ain't happily ever after
I just hope that you're after happily

[Hook - Labrinth]

Let it all out, let the tears fall down
Any minute expecting for you to walk now

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