Everything testo – Kaskade

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Leggi il testo di Everything di Kaskade e guarda il videoclip ufficiale di Everything. Il brano è contenuto in "3" album dal 2004 al 2006, ovvero, "In the Moment", "Everything / I Like the Way - EP"e "Here and Now"

Kaskade – Everything Testo

(feat. Andy Caldwell)

I'm finding the more I see the more I can see
Now I'm not hiding anymore

Come on baby
Let me know how you feel
Come on take me
I can see this is real

Ever since your love filled my life
I see it's changing everything
Don't you know the way you move me
It's so right, it's better than anything
You are the star in the night
Shining for me baby
Love is so right
Come on I'm feeling everything.

You know me in a way like no one ever before
You hold me forever

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