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CHVRCHES – We Sink Testo

We are
I've come apart and you made me
Float like
A pretty box of your evil
So tired
So easy I

Bleed out
What the fuck were you thinking
We are
Gonna fall if you lead us
No wasted time

[Chorus x2:]
I'll be a thorn in your side
Till you die
I'll be a thorn in your side
For always
We sink
We lift our love

We are
Let me stop for a second
Held heart
Only beats in the evening
Low tide
Watching for flight

I tell you
To cut it out but you made me
You know why
The slowest spark is a breather
How high
How will you decide


So low
You keep stalling
Could you not see why

Say, say, say

Love was

Say, say, say

That you see cry

A simple call seems right
And I know why


Get up after you
Get up after you

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