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MØ - Walk This Way testo

[Chorus x2]
All my life I've stepped to the rhythm of the drums inside my head
Longing for the sweet sound of my mama
Make them all walk this way

There's a light for you, burning for you
Oh, my mama said: "It is burning for you
Oh, don't let it go, oh, don't let it it go
You'll find a way, baby, make them all burn."
(You'll make them all burn)

[Verse 1]
I'm a post-teen monster, bold and blind
From the top of my head to the shaking ground
Blame the billboards cause they've let me down
I'm a symphony of the world gone wild
(What a pretty sight)
And I spit and I cry for the dirty mind
Never really got it, baby
(You'll make them all burn)

But I think about it all the time
Tough luck, when, oh, will the days come around
Boy I am thinking 'bout it all the time
(You'll make them all burn)


[Verse 2]
I'm a bug in your eardrum, that's my luck
(That's my luck)
And I won't, won't stop 'til the day I die
You'll never get my posse and I
We're a symphony of the world gone wild
(What a pretty sight)
And we long for the place where we can be found
Burning like a star in our minds
(You'll make them all burn)


Sun rises beyond the sea
The dead will see and we might stop living

[Chorus x2]

[Outro x2]
Sunshine is beyond the sea
You'll find a way, baby
Make them all burn

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