Bachelor testo – Migos

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Bachelor è una canzone dei Migos contenuta nei loro album "Rich Ni**a Timeline" e "Rich Nigga Timeline" usciti entrambi nel 2014. Leggi qui il testo di Bachelor e scopri il significato del brano!

Migos – Bachelor Testo

[Hook - Quavo:]
Mansion full of bachelors
Flippin' all these hoes like a spatula
Nah, you know I don't like no camera
Nah, your bitch she like an animal attackin' us
She won't leave me 'lone, she love the bachelor
Migos, young rich nigga, we some bachelors
Bachelors, bachelor, bachelors, ooh bachelor
Bachelors, bachelors, uh, bachelors, Migos some bachelors

Quavo, I am a bachelor
Look at the way I'm dabbin' like a pastor (I'm dabbin' ain't it)
I am a bachelor
Rockin' the shows, smashin' hoes right after
You know I'm a bachelor
Got your bitches workin', calling me master
Came from the bottom and now I got guala
Turn the page, my nigga, we on the next chapter
Trapper turned rapper
Graduated, now a nigga's a bachelor
Flippin' your ho like a spatula
Don't get me wrong, I still whip up with spatulas
Your ho was creeping like tarantulas
Migos we don't like the cameras
We find out that we can make millions with it
So we started flexin' like bachelors
Came from stashing money in a ceilin'
Young niggas why don't you wanna be bachelors?
They came from kicking doors, drinkin' purp from the bowl
And now we taking trips to Africa, Africa
Niggas say that they are entrepreneurs
I go and see the millions that you pursuin'
Statistics ain't black and white, what is you doin'?
Top the charts every time we drop a new one


Migos, we some bachelors, we pull up in tarantulas
Whippin' the dope, we the Terminator break the spatula
Get the pack and then I wrap it up and then I bag it up
If I catch a mug I'll take a private jet to Canda
Promoters ain't got my money, I'm shootin' up your manager
Fuck it my nigga, we shootin' innocent bystanders
My niggas on top of the mountain, no Grand Canyon
Pull up with choppas and make a nigga call the ambulance
Drinkin' on Actavis and I'm rollin' up cannabis
Hoes runnin' 'round the lobby geekin' up and their panties wet
I had a cuban link and Rolex before the rap shit
I just adapt to the trap cause that's my habitat
I'm in the corner catchin' the work like a cornerback
Runnin' to the money, my nigga, think I'm a running back
Niggas still trappin' quarters, make 'em give their quarter back
Forty pointers in my Breitling, oh that's what you lookin' at?


Pull up to the mansion, 50 story, hundred rooms
She lookin' at my diamond solution, that ain't no shrooms
Hold a nigga rest and beat his head in with a broom
Had that brotha be flyin' like caterpillars out cocoons
Penthouse elevator, it'll elevate yah
Pull up in the Bentley, think you seen a fuckin' Jeeper Creeper
Got that 9 on my waist like a two-way beeper
Got that purse on your head, nigga like a alopecia
I'm a bachelor, I got a oil factory in Africa
Trapper turned rapper then rapper turned into a massacre
Then beat a nigga, stomp a nigga, I will not account
From the beginning these bitches, they wasn't shit, they ate the apple
I had a warrant with the sack, the police tried to make a tackle
Green Bay with the green, vacuum seal it, I'm a Packer
Just because you rap about it, you are not a trapper
Just because you got a milli, you are not a bachelor


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