Struggle testo – Migos

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Struggle è una canzone dei Migos contenuta nei loro album "Rich Ni**a Timeline" e "Rich Nigga Timeline" usciti entrambi nel 2014. Leggi qui il testo di Struggle e scopri il significato del brano!

Migos – Struggle Testo

[Hook - Quavo:]
Everybody been through it
Everybody used to it
But ain’t nobody new to it
We all gone go through it
And that’s the struggle
Struggle, struggle, struggle
Call it the struggle
Struggle, struggle, struggle

Got to survive, the struggle
I had to get my money cause I ain’t have no muscle
My squad gon ride that’s because I trust em
If he want to die, know my squad gon bust him
If they ain’t with us then my nigga fuck em
It’s a struggle in my hood, blue Benjamins, I touch em
RIP to Mike Brown, I heard my nigga throw it up
Middle finger to the police dare them niggas throw it up
I got all these chains, I’m representing slavery
Only listen to my god and mama, that’s who made me
When my brother [?] come off, that shit was crazy
RIP my brother Pistol Pete, let em know we made it
Mama told me that she can’t visit me in the pen
She didn’t want to break me out and I can’t see her going in
I swear to god you might [?] seen it
But if you been through the struggle I know you feel this


See the struggle is a motherfucker
Nigga tryna hit me for my chain, but I ain’t gon let him tuck it
[?] interstate, walk through your hood and I ain’t got to tuck it
Swear to god if you touch my brother I ain’t gon hesitate to bust ya
Niggas see you getting money, plotting, tryna take it from ya
It’ll hurt if you know your right hand man, he telling on you
[?] bag, rolling me a blunt of marijuana
Outcast in my backwood, young nigga smoking on [?]
Remember plugging up that George Foreman
Early in the morning eat leftovers
I had [?], now young niggas eat steak and shrimp and Benihanas
I remember taking chicken nuggets from McDonalds
I remember mama said get up, go get that money
Stand silent, never let another nigga take it from you
I told you mama, now you got that mansion that you wanted
I came a long way from renting the island, now I own it
Rest in peace [?] and Pistol Pete, [?]


First free my brothers, we used to build the mansions in the house with covers
He used to beat me, told me nigga get some muscle
If you can’t beat em then you gonna have to bust em
It was a struggle, grandma dead man I really wish I could hug her
Migo gang la familia, so fuck the other
I told my mama I got her back when I lost my brother
Locked up for a [?] said I wasn’t going back and I still got in trouble
If you got the set then my niggas cannot call my niggas, they gutter
Packing the dope, we kick in your door, we looking for the gold
Keep the forties on my hip, the heater because the world is so cold
Get the money, fuck the bitches, nigga that’s the number one goal
If a nigga want a problem then a nigga got to be bold
Five racks, hit him with the chopper, nigga you got to go
You niggas is hoes when the pistol shows, you getting exposed
Givenchy my toe, I came out that bowl, I lived on the stove


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