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Leggi il testo di Move dei Migos e guarda il videoclip ufficiale di Move. Il brano è contenuto in "Rich Ni**a Timeline" e "Rich Nigga Timeline", album che i Migos hanno pubblicato nel 2014 e nel 2014.

Migos – Move Testo

[Hook - Quavo:]
Million dollars make a nigga motherfucking move
Move, move, move, uh!
Two thousand dollars buy a bad bitch shoes
God done know she gone move
Pull out the chopper, everybody move
Raw, baw, raw, graw, get the fuck back
Treat you like a cow, nigga you better move
You better move, move it
You better move, you better move, move it
You got to move (get out), you got to move (move)
You got to move (move), you got to move!

When the plug make the call, know that I can move the ball
Nigga can you flip it all, can you make a fifty ball
In the streets I’m a wizard, call me Quavo John Wall
Selling rolls, no Quan, Roll Latifah said it all
Got to have a gas mask in the kitchen cause I cough
Move the work out to Memphis so shout out to Dolph
You niggas is fiction, I know that you false
Rick Ross ain’t the only nigga in the world boss
Put the Forgi’s on the old school, riding Chevy T-top
When a nigga walk up on me, freeze him like a freeze pop
Feeling like a DJ, hit em with the rerock
Feeling like I’m lost nigga rerock on the D-block
Fucking with the Chi-town niggas out in O-block
Finger fuck the pot, I can make it snow on your block
Nigga just was cooking, that’s the reason why the stove hot
Seeing money, in my dreams I had a bank roll knot


I’m a criminal, I got to move my operation
You don’t got the money on time, my nigga what’s your occupation
I played em with the muslim, we came up with the [?]
We would never be in cases, never in investigations
Told em As-salamu alaykum cause my niggas kept it sacred
I’m feeling like Big Meech I got a hundred million in my vases
I got GD in my vessel, pistol popping like it’s kettle
I can make 100 thousand dollars with no effort
Got a thousand niggas with me, they looking for you like bounties
Imma put a tax on the gas moving out the county
Sipping active, got me drowsy, trapping, capping, Maui Waui
I got bricks up in the U-haul, I got workers in the mountains
How fast can you count it, my nigga I don’t need to count it
You a cannibal, run off with the pack, eat em like animals
Bricks up in Florida, they calling me a Seminole
I know how to move em, Michael Jackson, I’m a smooth criminal


Drinking on Activis, whip the work then I’m packing it
100K in the attic, I got the bricks in the cabinet
Though the work is immaculate, I be trapping and dabbing it
On the island I’m cooling it, had the kush in my Loubotins
[?] intruder [?] I’m shooting, [?] part of Bermuda
Pull up with choppers with the coolers in it
I’m trapping, got a half a bag but don’t know what to do with it
Fuck a milli, bet a [?] make your bitch get loose with it
Selling out arenas, fuck a nigga’s city up, we used to it
They never seen 100 thousand cause you niggas new to it
QC that’s the label got a solid foundation
My nigga trapping out vacants, we smoking gas like Jamaica
Black and white Bentley Musalnne but I am not racist
Traveling around the world to go get Benjamin faces
If you ain’t talking bout money then I get aggravated
Get up out my face if you ain’t talking Benjamin Franklins
Taking trips across the nation


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