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Handsome and Wealthy è una canzone dei Migos contenuta nel loro album "No Label II" uscito nel 2014. Leggi qui il testo di Handsome and Wealthy e scopri il significato del brano!

Migos – Handsome and Wealthy Testo

I don't know why I came in this club with you, girl
Don't know why I came in with these diamonds on my chain
Surrounded by bad bitches I can't get 'em out my face
Maybe cause' a nigga handsome and wealthy
Is it cause a nigga cook like a professor
I don't know how you feel can you tell me
I won't know how you feel 'til you tell me
Is it cause a nigga handsome and wealthy

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Is it cause I'm a star
It maybe could be my star status
I got my chain and ring
My Rolex watch it got 50 carat
It could be QC or even maybe it's me
It could be that 4 hour flight, shopping in Beverly
What's on your mind?
I'm not Ginuwine
Ain't tryna spend no time
I know my bitch she so fine
But I don't know what's on her mind
Gotta pay that cost to be a boss
I put on my Louboutins playing golf
Young nigga walking with Nina Ross
I'm dropping the bombs like Viet Cong


[Verse 2: Takeoff]
They say I'm picky cause all my bitches exquisite
I'm in some vintage Givenchy smokin' a Philly
The dope that I sell is the purest
The junkies they hit it, they scratchin' and itchin'
The flow that we killin', the flow that we spittin'
My nigga you know we invented it
Dripping in St. Louis, I'm a lunatic
I'm a Migo but my bitch an immigrant
I got the boot but no Timberland
I am the plug, you the middle man
I never leave my niggas starvin'
You niggas mistake me for Marvin
I got 15 bricks I'm finna drop
In there right next to that carbon


[Verse 3: Offset]
Is it my looks or is it my wealth?
Or is it the way that I carry myself?
Let me know I need some help
Don't keep that secret to yourself

Bitches be saying I'm acting funny cause a young nigga got a lotta money
She lookin' at me like she want somethin'
Can't give her nothin' but a couple hundreds
She sucked up on a nigga, tryna give a nigga kisses baby girl you trippin'

I don't know how you feel can you tell me
I know why you came
In this club tonight
Looking for a nigga that's gon' change your life


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