HotBoy testo – Migos

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Scopri il significato di HotBoy dei Migos! Leggi il testo di questa canzone che fa parte del disco "No Label II" pubblicato nel 2014 dai Migos

Migos – HotBoy Testo

[Intro: Quavo]
Fuck, man. Brrrrtttttt
What the hell you mean Ma? I ain't did shit!

[Hook: Quavo]
Feds hit the spot man I ain't saying nothin
They came around about 5 o' clock this morning (12!)
They telling me I'm copping contraband from informants
Channel 2, Fox 5, I'm America's most wanted! (Ooh!)
Hot boy, hot boy, hot boy, hot boy, hot boy
Hot boy, hot boy, hot boy, hot boy, hot boy
Feds hit the spot say I'm copping from informants
Channel 2, Fox 5, I'm America's most wanted! (Ooh!)

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Yeah, yeah, Quavo
I pick up my shit and then hit the door (Oh shit! Fuck 12!)
Surrounding my house and they kick the door (Boom! Boom!)
"Don't move, get on the floor!" I hit the window and fell on the curb
I'm trying to get up and take off, the officer speared me, like Goldberg
Say "Where were you 3 o clock on the dot?" "My Momma's house" "You a goddamn liar"
Have you heard about your new worker? (Nah) Know I put him in your circle
I witnessed you purchase the pound (nuh uh)
I witnessed you purchase the brown (no you didn't)
I witnessed you purchase the white (no!)
Say goodnight down the road for a long flight


[Verse 2: Takeoff]
Hot Boy like Silkk the Shocker, pull up on your blocka with the Waka Flocka
Momma hit me on my cellular told me that Quavo got caught by the coppers (Fuck!)
They say they've been investigating and Migo gang we connected with the mobsters (Huh?)
Can't talk to you niggas my lawyer talk. Fuck the prosecutor Mr. Marcus
Fuck! Lookin out of my window, I see a black truck and it's empty
Walk to the door check the peephole (what that is man?)
Then I start hearing a noise and it makes me paranoid (Damn!)
Thinking what the fuck is going on? (What the fuck?)
All of these tools like it's Autozone
If I get caught I ain't coming home (No!)


[Verse 3: Offset]
They said that I sold to informants
I told them I just got off touring
They circle my house like an orbit (damn!)
He telling me he gon extort me (huh?)
50% of my income, unfortunately he not gon get none
Life sentence or freedom so pick one
Fuck nigga you trying the wrong one (Fuck nigga)
Quavo call my phone, his spot got raided it just got kicked in
We all met up in the Westin
Who know what the fuck going on it ain't making sense (who know?)
The police talking they got evidence
I told you niggas bout serving them Mexicans (I told you niggas!)
Fuck! There go 12 (Fuck!)
I picked up my shit and I moved out the residence


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