Antidote testo – Migos

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Antidote è una canzone dei Migos contenuta nel loro album "No Label II" uscito nel 2014. Leggi qui il testo di Antidote e scopri il significato del brano!

Migos – Antidote Testo

[Intro : Quavo]
What-you-want: Mi-go!
No, no, no

[Hook: Quavo]
Call me what you want but you can't call me broke
Pull up with that choppa and a telescope
Got 50 chickens in with me, runnin' amount in my city
Young rich nigga trappin' out Bentleys, rich nigga trappin' out Bentleys
We makin' a motion picture, Michelangelo
I'm seein' the snakes in the grass - shhh!
I got the antidope, antidope, antidope, antidope
Antidope, antidope, antidope, antidope

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Yo, Quavo
I got the antidope try to come juuggin' and I'm bustin' your cantaloupe
I'm trappin' out of the bando, still got tools like Rambo
I'm feelin' like Larry Houdini
The pack was just here did you see it
The plug he be here any second now
If he didn't then something went down
We losing a bags, gotta go to the stash
At the age of 19, I was running from the task
Put it on my mama, no flex, no brag
Young nigga been had cash
Jus me and Rel Money got rich off a half a bag
That's why they mad


[Verse 2: Takeoff]
I got the antidope
I'm feelin' like Scarface, Al Pacino comin' off a banana boat
And how the fuck 200 Migo touchin' down in Mexico
Fuckin' around with Eduardo, told me that he know Armando
Armando fuckin' with Carlos, Carlos wrappin' em up in the barcodes
Ridin' around with that Scotty and brand new Bugattis
OG Miley Cyrus, snakes tryna give me the virus
But I got that antidope like I know science but I'm no scientist
Fuckin' around with them bombs but I am no terrorist
Piss on your bitch that R Kelly shit
I'm on Mount Everest sippin' on medicine


[Verse 3: Offset]
Austin Powers you niggas be takin' my Mojo
Young nigga I got the antidope
Coke and baking soda minerals
I got a brick in the figure 4
Young nigga I never make honor roll
But I know how to add up them digits
Whippin' and cookin' and flippin' chickens
You say you got money but pussy nigga you don't have a witness
Cause I've never seen it
I'm a rich nigga I mean it
Keep talkin' bullets go through yo' beanie
I'm in a phantom ghost call that shit Casper
Young nigga plugged in like adapters
Stomp yo' ass out like a alpha
Ahead of you niggas you still in the first chapter


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